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In Memory Of My Net Friend, Bob


Who passed away December 2, 2001

We have all made some good friends online.  And some of those friends have been closer then some others.  These memories and times that we have shared with these friends we hold very close and dear in our hearts.  I have been so very fortunate to make so many friends online that I call them another part of my family.  I have had so many that I have adopted as part of my family.  I have to admit that I sometimes even feel closer to some of my net friends then I do my own family.  Maybe that is because I feel that I can talk to them easier and maybe it is because a person online might be more apt to bare ones soul to more.  You end up feeling so close and it is amazing how you end up feeling a very special feeling for them.  I have had so many that I have felt that way about and some more then others have touched me in that way. 

But I have to say that I have written this web page for one of my very dear net friends.  It is for a dear friend that I met at The Globe chat site.  We met there about five years ago and we chatted all the time.  He lived in Australia and we got really close where I felt like I knew him really well that I even adopted him in my heart as my brother.  He really loved that idea.  I even introduced him to a good friend of mine here and they ended up having a very close loving relationship online, that they would have loved to be able to go farther with. 

That is where we are now.  I have just received word from his son that Bob has passed away Sunday night, December 2nd, at 10:30 p.m. peacefully in his bed.  I know that life has to happen but it still hurts.  I know that he was a net friend but the pain is still there and he will indeed be missed.

Bob, my dear friend, you will be missed!  I hope that you will be able to walk among the clouds with no more pain and have a beautiful hereafter.

Bob, we Love you and we will miss you!

A year has gone by now and there is still a sadness in our hearts knowing that you are gone.  But, still there is also a happiness and smile there to know that we at least got to know you as a very dear friend and brother.  Bob, I hope you know that you were and are still loved by many.     

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