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HACUG October Newsletter

If you do not wish to receive these please contact me back and let me know.  If you have an e-mail address change please let me know.  Or if you know someone who would be interested in receiving these please let me know.

Any questions, no matter how big or small please e-mail them to me.  Remember, there are no dumb questions.  This is our thirtieth first meeting.  And so many things have been happening with computers so many that I have not even gotten up to date on them all.

I received an e-mail asking me a couple questions, one was when I send out the Newsletters what does IE Web Browser mean and also what does ISP mean?  Well, here are the answers to that.

IE Web Browser is Internet Explorer Web Browser.  On your desktop or even in the start up menu you will see the big blue E.  That is the link to Internet Explorer Web Browser.  That is what most people use to surf the Internet with.  Like when you are on a web page you look at the top and it will most likely say Microsoft Internet Explorer on it.  There are other web browsers that you can use to surf the net like Netscape or Opera.  Netscape is the one that is the next most popular.  You can download those free off of the Internet at their web sites. 

ISP means Internet Service Provider, which is the one that you use to get onto the Internet.  Like mine I have Priority Entertainment which is really through Direct TV for my Cable Modem.  While others in the Lenawee County Area will have either:  LenNet, TC3, ComCast or Cass....not sure about any others but probably are. 

Well more adware problems and spyware problems.  They just seem to be getting worse and worse out there.  I have been using SpyBot which is a free download off the Internet but I still had something that was still giving me pop ups all the time for no reason.  I finally pegged it down that it was offeroptimizer.  I do thank god for my pop up killer for keeping me sane during this time and killing them for me.  But, still they are a pain.  So, I did some research on the Internet and found out that a lot of people were having the same problem but I never rdid find out how I got it or where that came from.  So, guess they did not know either.  But, the answer they had to get rid of it was to get SpyBot and AdAware and use them.  I already had the SpyBot so I downloaded the AdAware and I could not believe it when I ran that it found 168 things on my computer that were problems.  Well, I had them quarantine them off and then delete them.  And I was surprised that this software worked without telling me that I had to buy it.  So, that is great.  And I have not noticed that problem since then so I am hoping that it is now fixed.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Of course who is to say it will not find its way on my computer again like it did the first time.

Now about virus…I have gotten a few lately and they were Trojan Horses which are not good ones.  And the funny thing is that they came off web sites.  And that two of them came off the TV Guide web site and another one came off the WWE web site.  So, I have to think that someone has them in some ads that were on those web sites.  This is not good so make sure once again as I always say, keep your anti virus updated and running.  That cannot be stressed enough. 

Here is something that I found interesting that I did not know.  When you delete a file and put it in the trash bin the RECYCLE bin will only hold so much it has a storage limit.  If you need to delete something that is bigger then it holds you can hold the SHIFT key while deleting and the erasure will be permanent.  Then when you empty the RECYCLE bin the files are history.  But, deleted files do not vanish --- the file name’s first character is removed, but the file remains on your hard drive until it is overwritten by another file.  But if you really want to recover files that you deleted you can use Smart Recovery, which will help you with that.  And if you keep your computer hard drive defragged and try to get it back fast it will be a lot easier to retrieve it back. 

I got another question asked me about another User Group Member with a concern.  She was wondering where you look on the Internet for the list of Sex Offenders for the areas.  And if you go to: and just follow the agreement and then all you have to do is put in the zip code and it will show you all of the ones that are on the list. 

Also if you ever wonder about people that have been in prison or curious you can always check out for that by going to the: web site and just follow what it says there and you might be surprised of who you might find has been in prison.  It will also tell what one they are in and all of the information about them.  And the newer ones will even have a picture of the person on there. 

Here is a fix for Windows ME and XP.  If your Computer is acting strangely, you can use the SYSTEM RESTORE to return Windows to an earlier, stable state.  Select:  START – PROGRAMS (all programs in XP) --  ACCESSORIES – SYSTEM TOOLS – SYSTEM RESTORE, click  RESTORE MY COMPUTER TO AN EARLIER TIME – NEXT, and follow the instructions.  Then it should be back to when it was running fine for you. 

Sometimes it is a good idea for whenever you are planning to make any changes to your Computer system, be sure to create a restore point before you begin.  Open System Restore as described above, select CREATE A RESTORE POINT, click NEXT, and follow the instructions.  Another bonus tip is that Manual restore points are not needed when you install software, updates, or device drivers; Windows creates them for you automatically.

Another problem is firewalls.  They are needed more then I had thought before.  I found out that I was having visitors on my computer when I opened up My Network Neighborhood and it was full of all kinds of computers that I did not know anything about.  I looked into them and found all kinds of MP3’s Videos you name it.  Well, I decided to save off a lot of those MP3’s and then I thought well I deleted them off then.  Not realizing that I was into the other person’s computer when I did that.  Then I ended up looking at their entire hard drive.  I guess I really should have wondered when I would open up Printers and find a different printer in there listed then I had. 

Well, I figured out….oh my I deleted all of those MP3’s off of the other persons computer and they surely would be mad about that so I hurried up and downloaded the free version of Zone Alarm.  And I hurried up and put that on there.  So far I have had over 45 attempts to get into my computer since then and it has also put over 60 e-mails in quarantine that are suspect.  You can download the free version of that at

Well, I have been getting all kinds of e-mails from different companies promoting their software and wanting to have them tested out to see if interested in them.  I got one just this morning about a free game site.  Now I did take a look at it this morning but I did not have any time to really check it out yet.  But, I thought that I would pass it on to you.  After all what is better then free?  Well, you can take a look at it and enjoy.  Let me know if there is anything about it or maybe if they end up wanting money for it.  Here is the link for the web page:

Ok, so, I will sign off for now and keep trying to keep up with things for you.  Time just seems to be flying by but I do know that I am behind on things yet.  But, trying.

So, e-mail me with all of your questions, ideas, thoughts, or anything that has to do with Computers or even not about Computers and I will get back with you on them and include them in the next newsletter.  If there is any kind of thing that anyone in interested in knowing about let me know about that and I can get back with  you on that.  Anything at all.

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