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The Computer Wizard! Roger!

7/31/1953 to 12/25/2002


Computer Wizardry






Software Review

In Loving Memory of Our Computer Wizard,

who passed away on Christmas day.  We will miss you immensely.

It just will never be the same.  Love you, Roger...

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We want to give you some information about the Computer Wizard. Roger has been working with computers for over eighteen years now. He started out with a Commodore computer where you had to type in all of the information. One night him and a friend were typing in everything when they lost it all and had to start all over. Well, they redid it all and by 4 am in the morning they were done and guess what it would not work. Well, just like any other good Computer Geek, they called the guy about this. They did not care that they were calling someone in the middle of the night. But, low and behold they found out that after all of that typing and work that they did that the program would not even work because they were not up to specs on it. So, just goes to show you have to have the requirements for things to work. :)

Sad News:

Roger had a stroke on December 22, 2002 and passed away on December 25, 2002.  He will be greatly missed for now and forever.


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RRoger rest in Peace!!!

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